Free Shipping On Orders Over £25 - A Tree is Planted with Every Order Over £5!

Plant A Tree With Us!

At Prints By Jess we have teamed up with Ecologi, an Environmental  Organisation that strives to remove 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year. 
Since the beginning, I've always wanted my small business to have little to no further impact to our planet, so to support this I have only sourced from local (UK based companies big or small) businesses that have the same ethos!
I'm proud to say that all of my packaging is 100% eco friendly by using only recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials!
All products listed are either made from recycled materials and/or are less harmful on our planet e.g water based inks - still goes into the system but is less damaging! All fabric items are sourced in the UK that are organic approved and made to order, so only using whats needed at the time.
Now for the next step in helping our planet ...
we've partnered with Ecologi
We've gone and partnered with Ecologi!
When you shop with us any orders over £5 will fund a tree being planted in one of three places:
Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua.
To find out more about the places that Ecologi and now, Prints By Jess and many more businesses and people fund you can click the link 'Planting Locations - Ecologi' in my menu bar to see and find out more!
You can watch our forest grow, with every purchase over £5 you can see your impact in real-time with Ecologi's virtual forest - you can view this via clicking 'Our Virtual Forest'.
                                                        We plant trees with Ecologi