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Custom Home & Shop Portrait Commission's Important Information

Please read the information below for a detailed step by step process and Q & A on our pet portrait commissions: 

If you're planing on having a home or shop portrait commissioned through us, well first off... thank you! But here is a page full of all the information you should read about what we offer and should answer any questions you may have but do feel free to email me at if you have any questions!

So lets begin!

First off, all this information will be sent to you by email once you make a purchase just so you can re-read if needed!

Before placing your order do check that you have chosen the listing that you like best, we currently offer 4 different listings! 

All illustrations are a physical product not a digital illustration. Each piece can have the home or shops name and/or number added if you would like, just make sure to add the name and/or number in the 'add a note to your order' before you purchase! 

All of my commissions are printed onto 100% recycled white card, which are available in different sizes and sent off in 100% eco friendly packaging too!

If you wish to see more examples of my style of work then definitely go and check out my blog 'Digital Home & Shop Portrait Commissions' this then allows you to see past pieces that I have created for people and if my style of illustration is for you!

Please read below thoroughly before placing your order:

All orders are wrapped and sent in 100% eco friendly materials! From recycled paper/card to plant based materials, you can guarantee that your print will be ethically packaged.

Every digital illustration is printed onto 100% recycled, thick white card (300g in weight) from my home studio. As my businesses ethos is all about earth conscious materials and processes the finish of your commission will be matt. There is also an option to have added Winsor & Newton gold ink dot finishes to your physical print - more information on that feature in the description. 

Once printed, every illustration is signed by me on the front with pencil and dated on completion on the back, alongside the pets name and our business name - again, on the back of the print.

Every illustration is then packed into a plant based (Corn Starch) clear display bag with a thick card backing to support the illustration in transit. 

A certificate of Authenticity will also be included with the illustration.

Gift Wrapping

You can add this to your cart, at extra cost, to have your commission specially wrapped in eco friendly white tissue paper, natural twine and a handmade clay tag. This option is especially useful if you don’t have time to wrap the print yourself and we can also send your order (if a gift to someone else) straight to the intended recipients door! 

*All Gift Wrapped options will exclude a receipt if its intended as a gift - you will receive an email confirmation/receipt of your order. Unless you request otherwise!

Reference Photos 

Please send all reference photos to me via email:

To create your portrait I work with reference photos that you provide of your home or shop. Clear photos are the best to allow me to capture the likeness and character of the building and photos provided must be non pixelated, not blurry and preferably in the position that you would like. 

What I would need to create a masterpiece:

  • Hight Resolute Photos - or as clear as possible!

And send as many as you like!

  • A clear breakdown of what you would like - either a complete replica of a photo or if you have small adjustments in mind etc.
  • The buildings name and/or number - especially if you would like me to add it to the illustration!

All of this can be sent to me via email!

Once You Have Placed Your Order

I only take 4 commissions a month - one week per commission - so if there is none available just wait till the next month for a slot. 

Do feel free to email me if you wish to book a slot that’s needed later on in the year.

Once you have placed your order you will firstly receive a generic confirmation email from us, you will also receive a second email with the details of your commissions slot - from the slot dates to also an estimated delivery *send off date - All orders are sent UK 2nd Class, you can find out estimated postage times in our ‘Postage & Returns’ under ‘Shop Info’ one our menu bar. You can also upgrade postage at checkout if you need an item sooner. This email will also provide with all the information you need for me to start creating your commission! 

*Send Off Date - This is the date that I will give you of the estimated day that I will post your order, not when its estimated to arrive. 

*IMPORTANT - When placing a commission order please do order way in advance if intended as a gift or is needed before a particular date, as each piece is hand drawn and custom to each person I cannot rush a commission. 

Processing Time

All commissions will be slotted in for one week for completion, to which you will be kept up to date with the process via email. Once completed I will then send you another email with a PDF copy of the illustration for you to confirm before the next stage of printing and sending off. 

*All PDF copies will have our Copyright (©Prints By Jess, 2019) name lightly printed across the illustration just for our protection - the final piece will not look like the PDF copy. 

Please do feel free to email me with any questions! 

Especially if you need a commission for a specific date to which I maybe able to tailer a slot for you.

Sizes Available 

Your home or shop portrait can be printed on these particular sizes:

  • Square Print (14x14cm)
  • A5 (14.8x21cm)
  • A4 (21x29.7cm)
  • A3 (29.7x42cm)

*Price will also depend on what sized print you choose.

 Extra Features:

These features can be requested before checkout at no extra cost!

  • Curved Edges
  • Gold Ink Dot Finish - will be added to every piece!

Returns & Cancellations

Unfortunately, with commissions I do not except returns or cancellations once I have started a piece. So please read thoroughly through the description and look at the photos before placing your order. For more examples on past commissions to see if my style of illustration is for you, definitely check out my ‘Commissions Gallery’ blog to see examples of past work.

Social Media Permission
With your permission, I would love to be able to share your commission on my website and social media platforms! If you wouldn’t like me to share your commission, which is absolutely fine, please let me know in your reply email.
Thank you for browsing my website! 
Jess x
©Prints By Jess, 2019