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Our Eco Packaging Promise

Our Eco Packaging Promise
Prints By Jess is proud to sell and ship any item to the best of our ability in 100% eco packaging. It is our aim to deliver great quality products with quality packaging that reflects on our ethos of helping the planet.
Each layer of protective packaging is either made of 100% recycled paper or card but the rest is bio-degradable and compostable, that includes the plastic! As its completely made from Corn Starch, being plant based, you can add it to your compost and it will degrade down back into the earth!
I enjoy displaying and making up an item for it to be sent off to its new home, I love adding little touches here and there to add a personal touch to the whole experience of the purchase, your not just buying a print, your buying from an artist, an original one of a kind piece! 
A break down of what I use in my packaging: 
  • Card Back Support - Made From 100% recycled card this board helps to support the print when in transport so the parcel will have less chance of bending.
  • Business Card & Thank You Card - also made from 100% recycled card I add two cards within my parcel to help promote my business and other social media platforms as well as saying a massive Thank You! for supporting an independent, handmade business!
  • Mini Surprise! - I won't give away my secrets but I do like to add a little extra something to say Thank you!
  • Plant Based Display Bag - It does look plastic however these display bags are made of Corn Starch meaning they are bio-degradable and compostable.
  • Label Sticker - This sticker helps to inform customers that the display bag is full bio-degradable and compostable and itself is made from 100% recycled products.
  • Twine Knot - I like to add a rustic, natural look to my products so I wrap my prints up with a twine bow! so cute!
  • Postal Bag/Envelope - To finish it all off I like to then place the print inside all of its display layers in to a 100% recycled postal envelope that also has recycled padding inside to give an extra layer of protection for the print. 
  • Tape - To sure its all taped down I use my, yet again, 100% recycled tape (its kinda like gum tape but you don't have to get it semi wet to stick) * I use gum tape for larger parcels!
Our stockist is dedicated to recycled, bio-degradable and compostable packaging and products. They are also UK based and only source, themselves from UK suppliers who only collect UK waste, no materials are imported from outside the EU. 
Most of their deliveries are handled through a carbon neutral supplier, DPD Local. All their purchased energy is 100% renewable, sourcing as local as possible within the UK to lower their carbon footprint.
Re-Use !
An idea! Why not try to re-use my packaging for a second or possibly more uses! Items such as the twine can be reused in decorations for gifts and presents to others and possibly even the envelope could be reused!
Give it a second life!
Our Promise To You
We at Prints By Jess promise to the utmost of my ability to only stock and create 100% recycled products, unless stated otherwise.
All packaging will and always be made from recycled or reused products to ensure no waste going into landfill or endangering nature.
I will continue to be environmentally conscious through research and practice when developing the business further into the future. 
We Love The Planet & Mother Nature!
"Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count."
- Stella McCartney