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Digital Pet Portrait Commissions

This blog is to show examples of pet commissions that I have created so far!
I believe that this will also help you decide if my style of illustration is right for you!             
Digital Pet Portraits
As an illustrator I have always done small commissions here and there for friends and family, this has been great for practice but I believe I'am ready for the lovely public to receive their beloved pet(s) in my style of art! So now the time has come to offer my services to you loverly lot!
What You Will Recieve
Every commission will be digitally drawn, by me, on my iPad Pro. To which I will use a clear photograph of the chosen pet to draw from, once completed you would receive a email with a digital copy of the finished portrait just to check with you that it's 100% to your liking - if not I can tweak certain aspects etc - but once approved by you, your illustration will then be printed onto 100% recycled white card (at the print size of your choosing - Square 14x14cm, A5, A4 or A3) and then wrapped up in eco friendly packaging and sent straight to your or if its a gift to them directly if desired! 
Each print will be signed with my signature, in pencil, at the front right corner and labeled at the back with the date, name of pet(s) and our business name (Prints By Jess) - I also add golden ink dots to my pieces to add that extra twinkle!
There will be options available from how many pets to the style - just a plain portrait (with no botanicals or floral backgrounds), ones with backgrounds, or just flowers and the option to add names - examples of each option will be shown in description.          
~ All the details will be explained in more depth in the description - along with what I'll need from you, process times, contact info etc...
Below is a couple of examples so you can get a good idea of my style...
This is an example of a 14x14cm print (same size as my cards) of a collection of 4 dogs with a Autumn/Halloween theme! 

Halloween Pet Portraits

 Ones like these will take a lot longer as there are multiple pets with the added background scene!

~ I will only be offering commissioned portraits from the head up as whole body illustrations are quite difficult and time consuming - so to save time and stress I will only be offering portraits like the ones below but this piece is a good example of backgrounds and the print size of the 14x14cm.

Cat and Dog Digital Illustration

This piece shows an example of a more plain portrait but with added botanicals around the pets necks! And the idea of combining both a cat and a dog to an illustration!

This one is of my own pets at home! Bella (left) and Wilbur (right).

two dogs within a heart

Another good example of an option for a background for a portrait plus adding names to the piece. Cute Feature - The two pooches have a combining nose in the shape of a heart! Which I think is rather cute!

illustration of 5 dogs amongst wildflowers 

An example of all the options!

Multiple pets, wildflower watercolour background and names! This piece was printed onto A5, white 100% recycled card.

This piece is a perfect example of a plain background with the subjects name included!

This piece is also rather special to me as it was a secret commission for my mum of our old family dog who past away a few years ago...

This little piece was a commission for my uncle and aunt of their beloved cat Amber, who unfortunately past away recently. So this piece is a lovely example of a reason to get a custom commission done, especially if its a gift to someone who's experiencing loss of a beloved pet.

- All Commissions Will Be From The Shoulders/Neck Upwards - 

Another Amber illustration from the shoulders up.

This piece is of the lovey Bailey, who's nicknamed Bay-Leaf... adorable!


Gift Wrapping Options

gift wrapping

All prints will be wrapped and sent in 100% eco friendly packaging! Read more about this on our page labeled 'Our Eco Packaging Promise' under 'Shop Info' on our main menu at the top!

But yes, gift wrapping will also be an added option! Especially if you want us to send your portrait to its intended recipient!

Again, this quick blog is just to give you a taste of what's on offer! There will be more and clearer examples and in more depth information in the description when the listing is live!

I have more example to show you but unfortunately as they are intended as gifts I can't show you yet! But definitely, if your not already, follow us on our socials to see daily illustrations, lino prints and more!