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Commissions Gallery

Hi there!
Just thought it would be a great idea to put together all my past and present commissions that I've made over the years as a little memorabilia for me but then allows you lovely lot to see how my art has progressed over the years! 
watercolour lino print commission - collie with dog quote
Woody - Floral Collie Dog Quote Lino Print
This little number was made as a gift for a friend, whose dog I based the original outline off of - Meet Woody! This piece doesn't have any facial features but a doggy quote instead - "All You Need is Love & A Dog"
A combination of lino and hand painted watercolour flowers and plants.

1st photo documented commission - lino print of a Spanish Spinone Dog with hand painted watercolour flowersFlorence - Floral Italian Spinone Lino Print

This commission was for a friend who had just recently got a new dog, Florence. An adorable Italian Spinone puppy (at the time!) who needed a portrait! At this point in time I had done a couple of lino print commissions/art work that was a combination of lino and watercolour botanicals! I really loved the combination of the bold outlines of the lino design next to the popping colour of the watercolour flowers. And this was the end result!

watercolour and lino commission - nautical themed                 

Buffer & Bosun - Nautical Themed Commission

Now this one was fun! Not just one dog but TWO! Definitely a first for me at the time but I was very happy with the outcome of this one. Again, another combination of lino and watercolour but this time with a nautical theme! So instead of me just making up flowers and plants I actually had to research sea botanicals, which are stunning! With this piece I did also add ink pen on top to add white dots to the seaweed and plants to add more details. Another happy customer!

Baby Birth Commission - British Badger IllustrationBaby Cleo - British Badger Baby Birth Gift

Now we're heading into the more digital commissions/gift pieces...

This piece was as it says in the title a gift, but still personal so I think it has a place in this blog! At this stage I had created a little collection of digital illustrations of some British Wildlife from foxes, deer, sea otters to the badger sitting with lavender ... my personal favourite!

In a nutshell, a friend had just had a baby and I thought it would be a lovely gift idea to take one of my cute wildlife illustrations and create a personal keepsake of the special occasion! so this piece is simple yet adorable with the new borns name, date and time of birthing her weight. In my opinion, a lovely gift!

* I will be offering this as a listing soon on my website with different wildlife animal options to choose from, font colour and the option for personalisation.

Halloween Themed Illustration - Digital Dog Portraits

Digital PDF IllustrationHalloween Dog Portrait - Buffer, Bosun, Henry & Hector 

It's Halloween time! Another gifted, secret commission as a Thank You to a friend who had really helped me out at the time! 

This wasn't my first digital illustration of multiple dogs - my first was my 'Christmas Carol' dog card! But this was my first gifted piece that had more than two dogs in it! Again, I enjoyed every bit... maybe not the repetition of leaves! But I was enjoying finding my digital style of art!

The Pet Pantry, Selsey - Shop Illustration

 The Pet Pantry, Selsey - Shop Front Illustration Commission 

I now offer custom home & shop portraits for anyone who would love their home or like this example, shop commissioned in my style!

This piece was a gifted illustration that I drew then printed onto a 14x14cm card and I also added gold ink dots to add an extra sparkle! This is the PNG copy of the piece. 


Some more recent Pet Portrait Commissions  

This is just a phew of my latest pet commissions, for a real up to date visual log on all of my pet portraits definitely check out my other blog 'Digital Pet Portrait Commission's' 

Ezra Dog Commission

 Ezra - Pet Portrait Commission - 14x14cm Print 

This is a good example of what a physical single pet portrait print would look like! Here I have added the beloved pets name as well as god ink dots for extra sparkle! (Unfortunately you can't see the shiny dots in this picture)

This piece is an example or the second listing called 'Custom Single Pet Portrait Print -Floral Foliage'.